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Hi I am Kairen Jackson, and this is Dylan the black nosed bedlington. I have been a sports and remedial massage therapist since 2001, I started up in Newcastle, just off Hadrians Wall, and then worked my way west finally moving to a premises in Corbridge in 2018. 

I specialise  in  helping those with back, neck and shoulder pain. 


Join my tour and book the mobile treatment room to come to your workplace, you can  try out Three Step Back-care Plan which I developed to help people take control of there own back pain and become pain free. 

I also work on general muscle pain and offer relaxing treatments, hot stones massage, reflexology and Indian head massage.

Like many businesses I have been affected by the Covid pandemic, I was forced to vacate my premises in Corbridge on 1st September 2020.

Don't worry all my lovely clients I am not leaving you! I am going on tour in my mobile treatment room... primarily in Hadrians wall country, but am taking requests so if you want me to come to a venue near you get in touch.


So... in spring 2021, pandemic permitting, I will start my first ever tour with my new mobile treatment caravan, the first of its kind in the northeast. 

Most back, neck and shoulder pain is muscular in origin or has a muscular element, so by treating the muscles with a range of massage techniques we can eliminate or reduce pain.