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"What have the Romans ever done for us?"

A quote from the very funny Life of Brian check it out

I will be touring my treatment room in and around Hadrians wall country. The connection I have had with the wall has been life long for me it seems perfect to tour now with my mobile treatment room and hopefully visit places which have never had this kind of service close by.

I  now live a stones throw from Portgate on Stagshaw bank.

Portgate was major trading gateway through the wall in roman times.

I was born in a house built over Hadrians wall not far from Denton Turret, a Roman ruin of a turret, where Japanese tourists swarm. 

A turret was a small watch tower, incorporated into the curtain wall of Hadrian's Wall.  Two Turrets were spaced between each Milecastle. 

My schools included Milecastle first school and Walbottle High School a bit like Grange Hill meets Shawshank redemption.

A milecastle is a small fort which was situated every mile on the full length of the wall. 

Walbottle high was situated on Hadians wall in Walbottle village. The village name, recorded in 1176 as "Walbotl", is derived from the Old English botl (building) on Hadrian's Wall.

My first treatment room was located in Milestones Health club Walbottle village, and the next in Heddon on the wall.

Heddon on the wall village is built over a milecastle (number 12). and some of the wall is still visable and preserved.