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Bee natural massage balm

This is not just a professional massage wax formula, there is no better massage wax formula. It is a solid balm which:

  •  Feels amazing on your skin
  • Makes no mess - no drips or splashes
  • Contains no chemicals
  • A simple combination of local Northumbrian beeswax and healing oils are a therapeutic combination for dry and itchy skin conditions.
  • Unlike some barrier balms which just stop moisture getting out, it penetrates the upper layers of the skin moisturising and healing whilst protecting the delicate layers from  body fluids outside and other contaminants.
The range includes a plain blend and four blends which contain therapeutic essential oils which benefit you in different ways and smell amazing.

Bee relaxed - contains lavender which is incredibly soothing for the mind and skin. Lavender heals bunt skin and reduces itchy, dry skin conditions.

Bee naturaI - you would like the plain therapeutic blend without the additional oils this is the product for you.

Bee revived - contains lime, black pepper and sandalwood, this is my most popular blend people love the fresh fragrance and the benefit of the essential oils which relax the muscles and reduce inflamation. 

Bee mellow