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Three step back-care plan

Most back, neck and shoulder pain is muscular in origin or has a muscular element, so by treating the muscles with a range of massage techniques we can eliminate or reduce pain.

1. Massage - deep tissue massage, trigger point work, acupressure and myofascial work to:

  • Reduce muscle tightness
  • Break down scar tissue in the muscles
  • Balance lines of muscles so they can work more effectively

2. Stretch and strengthen - Most people benefit from specific stretches for their tight muscles so I offer:

  • Stretches for tight muscles
  • Resistance work for weak muscles
  • This combination helps to create balance in your body and reduce pain.
  • I give one or two stretches to be used as a first aid measure to keep things on track.


3. Heat - Reduces muscle spasm and tightness. Note: some muscle issues such as traumatic injury will need ice and elevation so if you are unsure consult a professional.

  • I use therapeutic hot stones in some treatments
  • Recommend heat pads
  • Recommend my own Hotties (like Wheaties heat packs but better)
  • Hot baths to help manage your own muscle pain.